Kiki’s London Neighbors Aren’t Fans

The young actress seems to be taking her work home with her these days while filming “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” in London because her neighbors can attest to her ability to do just that. Dunst has developed a reputation for having loud, late-night parties in her home in Islington, so much so that her neighbors are complaining. A source spills to the Daily Mail:

“Kirsten isn’t very popular in Islington at the moment. The locals are incensed that she’s changing the tone of the area. She’s started spending nights in the local pub by herself chatting to the locals.

“When closing time comes she invites them all round to her house to continue the party. But it seems the noise levels and people coming and going at all hours is getting to her neighbours.

“They’ve had enough and apparently three families have written a petition to the council in the hope they’ll take some action.”

In addition, Dunst is reportedly head over heels for her English rocker boyfriend, Johnny Borrell, asking him to move in with her as soon as she had taken up residence in Islington. However there may be trouble brewing between the two, as Dunst has asked Borrell to move out as of last week, due to his slovenly cleaning habits. Apparently, at the moment, the two are “taking time out” from each other, but they seem to be enjoying their on-again, off-again relationship. I still can’t believe girlfriend f-d it up with Gyllenhaal. He’s a hot piece of man-meat and I bet he keeps a tidy home. Damn, I can’t decide which of those two qualities is sexier…