Kiefer Sutherland Needs To Stay Out Of Trouble

Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 bosses don’t want another heavy-partying stunt, especially not before the series finale. The star’s friends and family are keeping an eye on him after his wild ways got him kicked out of a London bar April 15. That’s no way for a father to act!

A close friend said, “Kiefer is taking it easy.  He’s laying off the
alcohol and he is very aware of his public image.  He doesn’t want to
be known as a mess – he’s keeping his nose clean.  Kiefer’s friends
know him as an unassuming guy and very friendly.  ’24? ending this year
is a big deal and it does affect him.  He is already missing the great
cast and crew.”

The friend continues that there’s a lot at stake for Kiefer, pictured in NYC on April 23, before the May 24 finale date and even after with the movie coming out.

“The movie rests on his shoulders and
there is a desire to roll that out quickly following the finale. Kiefer has a lot of responsibilities and it is in his best interest to
keep the partying to a minimum and focus on work.”

Agreed! Now keep fighting the GOOD fight, Bauer.