Kiefer Sutherland Is A Proud Papa

Kiefer Sutherland mistakenly had a fit over a letter from his daughter’s university, thinking it was asking for money, when in fact, it was praising her for her academics.

Sarah Sutherland recently completed her honors student course at NYU and received a letter from the university, which the (now-cancelled) 24 star thought was for him.

She handed me the letter and it was so
embarrassing because I didn’t have my glasses on. All I saw was Ms.
Sutherland and I thought it was Mr. It was, ‘You’ve been honoured…’
and it was like, ‘How much more money do these people want?'” the actor told British talk show host Jonathan Ross. “I
thought it was to me. I was going, ‘I just gave them money last month!’
and she went: ‘It’s about me dad.'”

Perhaps Kiefer needs to learn a little something called tact.

Turns out, the letter praised Sarah for her position on the Dean’s List and informed her she would get to wear a gold tassell at graduation.

“It talked
about her grade point average and her success and how thrilled they
were to have her in school,” the 24 star said, pictured in London today. “I did start to lose it there.”