Kiefer Sutherland Goes Topless At Strip Club And Is Escorted Out

Okay so that is one photo shoped looking picture but there’s some clearly real pics in today’s Sun of shirtless Kieffer Sutherland with many a bouncer leaving a nudie bar called Stringfellows in London last night.

According to TMZ he went crazy dancing and taking his clothes off and getting into it with someone before he was thrown out into the streets at 3:30 am.  Per the club’s website security was only “helping him into his car.” They say he came in at 2am “had a wonderful time, was incredibly charming to all the staff” and made friends with the girls and security. He took his shirt because he thought it was funny and “when it was explained to him very gently that that was the job of the girls and not the customers he burst out laughing. His friend thought that this would be a good time for them go home.” They arranged for him to leave out the back door to avoid paparazzi (yeah right) and after he has a good laugh about this the club hopes to see Kiefer back again.

Well he doesn’t seem to be laughing yet today as he left his hotel, but he doesn’t look too bent out of shape either.

Kiefer shirtless is not revolutionary
so we think that’s his drunk thing. You know like how some people like to break chairs when they drink and other people sleep with Lindsay Lohan.