Kiefer Sutherland And The Cast Of ’24’ Attend Series Finale Party

After almost 200 hours and 18 Emmys it’s sayonara for 24. Kiefer Sutherland and the cast celebrated with a goodbye party in Hollywood on Friday (April 30).

“It was a lot of different things,” said Sutherland. “It’s a very, very difficult show to write. And (executive producer) Howard Gordon . . . normally halfway through the season will say, ‘I’ve got a great idea for next year.’ And he just wasn’t feeling it.”

Of course fans have the movie to look forward too. “The film is a great opportunity for the writers, because it’s the first time they won’t be working in real time,” Sutherland explained. But wasn’t the real time a big part of the fun? Sutherland meanwhile just has to hang on until then.

Mary Lynn Rajskub looked adorable in a swirled sequined dress and Kim Raver, who is now on Grey’s Anatomy, wore a strange sort of bikini with sorong with lace. A very pregnant Annie Wersching glowed in a zebra tunic and leggings and Jon Voight well, he looked scary.