Kiefer Sutherland Starts Doing His Time

Photos: WENN

With the announcement yesterday that Kiefer Sutherland’s forty-eight day sentence would begin immediately following the announcement of his formal sentencing, it looks like Kiefer’s going to be spending his 41st birthday behind bars. Oh, that’s sad, but at least any family visitors will have a good excuse to slip him a cake into which they’ve baked a file. Initially, plans were being made for Sutherland to break up his sentence into two parts, to avoid any scheduling conflicts with Kiefer’s hit show on Fox, “24,” but with production on the show ceased due to the strike, Kiefer’s now free of any work obligations. According to Sutherland’s lawyer, he turned himself in last night, and has begun serving his sentence. Sigh. Is it wrong that I only feel bad for him because he flirted with me once….sort of?