If We Stare Hard Enough at Nicole Kidman’s Belly, Maybe We Can Make Her Pregnant

Nicole Kidman has flatly refused to deny or confirm pregnancy rumors that started with what photographers believed was a baby bump. Now I don’t know how many times in these past fifteen years it’s been rumored that Nicole Kidman was pregnant only to find that it was BS. In these pictures here, Nicole and her hubby, Keith Urban, have just left an art exhibit. The couple spent half an hour, taking in an exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery in Australia, before heading off to watch a cricket match. I love how fancy that all sounds–art museums and cricket. I feel like I’m forming new stereotypes about Australians as we speak. Meanwhile, the first time someone even imagines that Jamie-Lynn Spears is knocked up, it’s true. It’s a weird, wacky world, I tell ya.

Photos: INFDaily.com