Nicole Kidman’s Movies Are Stinkin’ Up The Joint And She’s In Love But Not Happy

October 24th, 2007 // 10 Comments

This is one chick with a lot going on. Nicole Kidman says that she is in love with her husband, troubled country artist Keith Urban. But she wouldn’t exactly classify them as “happy”. I hear her. You can love someone and have them completely drive your ass crazy to the point where you’re hurling things at them and making them get out of the car at busy intersections because it’s either that or an orange jumpsuit in your future. I didn’t say I was talking about me!

She told US magazine Interview: “You never know where something’s going. My husband and I are committed to each other and deeply in love. That’s how I would put it. We are working on staying in that place and hopefully we will for the rest of our lives.”

Told by the magazine interviewer that she and Urban appeared happy together, she replied: “I don’t ever say that.

“Partly because interviews are done in advance, and you never know where something’s going. People’s lives together are complicated and beautiful and that’s what they should stay. They’re very quiet. Complicatedly quiet. They don’t need to be broadcast.”

Yes, they do! Why do you think people in their cubicles are reading this post! You’re interesting! Your face is pulled back to Mars and you were married to a volcano-worshipping closet queen and your current husband can’t keep his hands off the ladies or the coke spoon. That’s interesting! Not only does Nicole have her chaotic marriage to contend with, but her films haven’t been making it happen lately. Keep reading. And did bitch just make up the word “complicatedly”? Anyone? Can she do that? Who is she – Joss Whedon?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Early buzz on “The Golden Compass” – based on the first book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy – is negative as well. “It is a $175 million investment for New Line Cinema, which has been hurting ever since ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy,” says an insider. “People working on the movie say it is just plain bad.” The picture is said to rely too much on computer-generated images and may stumble with its talking, armored polar bear.

Nic’s recent flicks “The Invasion”, “The Interpreter” and “Fur” haven’t brought asses to seats. But she looks hotsy in the trailer and who doesn’t like polar bears? Except maybe people trapped on glaciers.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    That’s a pretty honest answer. I hope their marriage will always stay worth the effort for them both, and they loose their teeth and hair together.

  2. Zekers

    Awwww, that’s so sweet green…I do too. Nicole deserves a little happiness after being held hostage in Tom’s spaceship all those years.

  3. blady02

    She is such a classic beauty but I think she married beneath her standards probably wanted a lot of normalty after cruising with Tom! Poor lady! I am going to see one of her movie to support her!

  4. RumersElephantFace

    Why does this chick keep marrying gay boys?

  5. stolidog

    She should let her hair down and relax.
    Oh, wait, then her nose would be down by her belly button.

    Actually, I like her (and yes, i would bet a bajillion dollars her husband likes to play pogo sticks with the boys, at leasts sometimes.)

  6. T-Bone

    Funny comments. I like Nicole too. She seems to have a lot of class. But I don’t like the look she’s sportin’ at all. It’s too much. Too tight or severe or something. She needs to lighten up.

  7. KAREN

    I, too, think that she was being honest. None of us know 100% what is going to happen tomorrow. Marriage can be work, no matter who you are and I think the fact that she said that they are committed and in love says alot. He went in to treatment when their marriage was very new and they made it through that as well as rumors of infidelity. I have noticed that the websites have many different interpretations of her comments. Only she really knows what she meant. I do hope that they can make it work.

  8. emma

    Yes, I hope they will make it too and I really think they will! I do think both of them are working too much and wish they would take six months off and just relax and enjoy life together. They can always work and pay for that new farm in Tennessee later!

  9. Gregorio

    poor Nichole-she loses one asshole husband and picks up another. Her socalled talent befuddles me and she is scary looking!Those cheekbones are lethal!

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