‘Kick-Ass’ Premieres In Los Angeles

While critics might not get Kick-Ass, we are excited for it. Check out a clip of the film here and get excited for Friday.

The actors headed to ArcLight Dome Theater yesterday for their viewing at the premiere and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is probably happy to be in his own clothes instead of his red costume and wig.

“I felt badass, but then I thought, what is the world going to think of me?” he told MTV. Likewise his costar Aaron Johnson likened his costume to a big green condom, but says he really enjoyed it. “The idea of this kid being sort of unique and original, and he thinks he’s really cool,” he said. “I loved it. The more ridiculous I looked, the better, you know?” He looks far from ridiculous on the red carpet. Although, don’t ask him if his girlfriend, director Sam Taylor-Wood, is his mom. He probably hates that.

Watch the video after the jump.

That dress Jamie King is wearing is not so kick-ass in my eyes, nor is that scary look Nicolas Cage is giving me. Okay, I guess that is kick-ass, but the romance novel hair is not.

Click through the gallery for some more kick-ass or not outfits.