Khloe & Lamar Are Married. For Reals.

Shooting down speculation on the legality of his blessed union to Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom fielded questions on the Lakers’ (conveniently scheduled) preseason media day Tuesday.  EOnline reported that Odom is tired of the liars and naysers.  This the real deal, people!

“It’s crazy how perception works in America when you’re looking at things from the outside. ‘It [the wedding] might be off, it might be on.’ But anybody that was there will tell you that it was a beautiful event and it was real.”

I’m sure the wedding was beautiful and superfun, but the two lovebirds have only been doing kissy-face for 32 days. We’re allowed our skepticism.

Forced by E! to make a statement, eager to welcome Khloe to the old married gals’ club, Kendra Wilkinson wished the newlyweds a lifetime of bliss.

“I just wanted to wish both of them a congratulations and let the newlyweds know how happy i am for them!!! There’s nothing more special than being able to spend every day with the person you love and they’re so lucky to have found that.

“I’ll definitely have to give Khloé a few tips about being an athlete’s wife lololol.

“CONGRATULATIONS KHLOÉ AND LAMAR!!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

Love. So special. So real.  So believable.

Missed the wedding? Don’t worry.  You’ll see it all when Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Wedding airs on November 8 at 9pm E.T. on E!

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