Khloe Kardashian Keeps Up With President Barak Obama

Work hard, go to school, complete a great accomplishment and one day you might be lucky enough to meet the president of the United States.  Or have your sister make a sex tape, get on a reality show, get a DUI, marry Lamar Odam, preferably as soon as you meet, and then you too can go to the White House.  

Khloe Kardashion put on a navy dress, brushed her hair, and  joined her husband and the rest of the LA Lakers and players wives yesterday at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a dinner honoring the NBA champions with the basketball-loving President Barak Obama. Looks like girlfriend did an extra dip in the spray tan just for the occasion. If Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, maybe Kim Kardashian will be next.

Kim tweeted to the world “I just met Obama with my husband! :)!” I hope she waited until after the ceremony to pull out the phone.  I’m sure she did, after all she’s a lady .