Khloe Kardashian Does Her Best Rihanna Look

Dear Khloe,

Just saw your pics on your website of you in the new issue of YRB, where you are interviewed by Perez Hilton. No, I didn’t bother reading that article because all I could hear in my mind would be both of your mouths smacking away and mouth breathing.

Kudos to Mike Ruiz though for making you a true glamazon. However, your look feels very Rihanna circa Rated R. It’s the swoopy, flat-ironed hair. The face gear. The spiky shoes. Everyone knows that you don’t dress like that.


Also, was this look how Lamar likes you in bed? I’m just asking because if that’s true, as you age, this look doesn’t gracefully get older with you.

Next time you get to do a photoshoot, if there is one, try doing something really glamorous, really simple, really pretty. Because you can be pretty. I know that you’re the giant among your sisters, but that’s no reason to put on spiked headgear to your already towering frame in order to be ‘heard.’