Khleo Thomas Talks ‘So Many Girls,’ Team-Khleo, And His Biggest Weakness [Exclusive Interview]

Social Media King and Former Disney star, Khleo Thomas talks with us about his new hit single “So Many Girls”

Muti-talented artist Khleo Thomas, best known for his role as Zero in Disney’s Holes, is continuing to make rounds in Hollywood. Since his latest single “So Many Girls” premiered on, Khleo has been a world wide trending topic on Twitter and was featured on over 50 Top 40 Radio Stations across the country. While he is currently on tour to promote his upcoming mix tape, Khleo Thomas chatted briefly with us about his work and dished some interesting facts about him.

Check out both our interview and the featured music video of the rising star and tell us what you think. 

This video seems like one very wild party, is this what a typical weekend is like for you?
(Laughs) No not at all. I’m not much of a club kind of guy; I’m more of a homebody type of person.

Where there any interesting stories that happened behind the scenes of shooting this awesome video?
Actually, somebody was robbed down the street from the house that we were shooting in and the cops came over thinking it was someone from our set. The suspect was this blonde chick who had stolen like a cell phone and some car keys, so it was kind of weird.

Where did Team-Khleo originate?
That came from the fans, which happens to be an incredible base. They have followed me ever since my breakout role in Holes and they’ve just been supporting everything I’ve done since then like with every film, every song I put out. It’s a full-on team supporting what they love.

How was it being on tour with stars such as Snoop Dogg and Sean Kingston?
It was everything that I expected. All these artists work at their prime and I got to experience touring with them. I learned a lot. I picked up on everything, analyzed everything because I knew one day it would be my turn to perform in front of a full theatre, so I analyzed how they set up the shows, how they interacted with the audiences and how they switched songs. It was everything I expected.

Which do you prefer more, music or acting?
I couldn’t choose to be honest. I love entertaining. When I was younger, I told my mom I wanted to be an actor and music was also a passion of mine. I realized when it’s all said and done; I just want to be a great entertainer.

My Biggest Weakness..
Girls with curly hair.

One person I would love to trade places with for a day..
That’s tough, but I think I would trade places with Kobe Bryant.

Most people find it weird that I..
I don’t drink or smoke. I just enjoy to sit back and chill.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Being able to be creative and be able t step put of the box for anything that I am trying to accomplish. I enjoy the whole freedom of creativity.

If you were in a room with every fan of yours, what would you tell them?
Thank you! Thank you for dedicating the long days of voting, requesting songs. Just thank you all for the support and love.

The hit single “So Many Girls” can be downloaded on iTunes and you can also check out more info on his upcoming tracks at