K-Fed’s Time Limited

In fact, Blender magazine says he’s got another 26 more years. Which, as a career would be a grossly inflated estimation, as we all know. But apparently, it’s more of an approximation of how much longer Mr. Britney Spears has left to try and stink up this planet with his naturally occuring B.O., as well as his crappy pop music. According to TMZ:

In the October issue, the music mag estimates when “your favorite pop star” will croak. Taking into account Mr. Britney Spears’ age, height, smoking habits, alleged love of alcohol, marijuana and reported body odor, Federline is predicted to walk amongst us until the ripe old age of 55.

I love that his body odor is a determining factor in figuring out how much time he’s got left to live. For an extremely scientific way to determine when you are set to expire, click here.

Written by Lisa Timmons