K-Fed To Guest Star On Terrible Show

August 21st, 2007 // 15 Comments

Seriously, what’s that show about? 40 year olds playing high school basketball stars and cheerleaders? I thought the age of that kind of old WB mess was over. How is that still going on? Because of the blond guy? Isn’t there another brown haired guy on the show? Is he jealous of the blond guy? Doesn’t the blond guy date underage extras? And now they’ve hired K-Fed?

TMZ has learned that Kevin Federline has signed on to guest star on the CW’s hit show, “One Tree Hill.”

Our source said that while Fed-Ex was extremely excited to star on the show, he would only agree to filming if his shooting schedule coincided with his custody arrangements. We’re told that he made it quite clear that if shooting interfered with seeing his kids, he would not be available.

Oh spare us, Weedy. Shooting begins in North Carolina this week. Is there a drug storyline going on? If so, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s going to play a drug-dealer. Keep reading for how it will go.

The dialogue will go something like this:

Blonde guy who dates underage extras: “Yeah, man. I really need something to stay up for finals and still make practice. And we’re goin’ to the championship….”
K-Fed as drug dealer: “No problem, man! I got whatchoo need! I got whatchoo want! Try this little baby! You’ll be cruisin’ ALL NIGHT LONG. And none of that hangover business in the mornin’.
Blonde guy who dates underage extras: “Ok, but uh, just this once. I just need to fit it all in. High school is a lot of pressure. I mean you’d think that someone as blonde as me would have it easy. But I don’t! I don’t have it easy! There’s basketball! And classes!”
K-Fed as drug dealer: “I know whatchoo mean, man. I was at Yale. Shit was off the chain. I had to bug out because no one tells Manny the Drug Dealer what to do! Now here, this one’s on the house. Be sure and come back when you want more so I can sell your ass to creepy older men. Shranks.”

What, you thought he was going to play an English butler? And yes, there will be an element of male prostitution because dramas need to be more and more shocking these days to keep up with our desensitized culture. You know it’s the truth.

By J. Harvey

  1. Sara

    Ooh Ooh – speaking of idiots, Mollygood is showing this great picture of a member of the public taking out Sean Stewart – check it out it’s bloody funny.

  2. T-Bone

    “We’re told that he made it quite clear that if shooting interfered with seeing his kids, he would not be available”.

    Well, well … look at old K-FED — saying exactly what his lawyers are telling him to say. I’ll believe it when I see it. This guy wants money and fame so badly that there is NO WAY IN H*LL he’s going to sit tight and play MR MOM for long.

  3. You know you’ve run out of ideas for your TV show when you bring K-Fed as a guest star.

  4. green cardigan

    What a life of privilege Weederline lives. How many single fathers find themselves in a position to say they’ll work as long as the hours fit in with their custody arrangements? People who live in the real world jump through hoops trying to juggle everything , and along comes Weederline,after years of sponging, about to do his first 5 minutes of work in 3 or 4 years and he’s laying down his conditions.

    Sigh. There is no justice.

  5. T-Bone

    You know — the more I think about FED-X the more I’m certain that he’s a victim of overzealous, greedy lawyers. This guy isn’t smart enough to go after Britney with such a vengeance. Some famous greedy lawyer probably walked up to him at a bar and said, “hey — you want to get your kids full time, make a few more million AND MAKE ME a million too?” AND BAM — SUPOENAS FOR ALL!

  6. S_M_G

    Well CW is dead for me since they cancelled Veronica Mars and kept all the awful shows. I think K-Fed fits their image.

  7. green cardigan

    T-Bone agreed. Except I don’t think the lawyer walked up to Fedderweed at the bar. Weedie was lounging on a tiger print couch, surrounded by his bitches and homies, chillin’, when the lawyer approached.

  8. vin

    i love OTH but now im nervous. the new season is suppose to jump four years past their college years and into adulthood. i cant wait and for all you haters get bent! its tv! if tv where real it would be called a documentary. morons


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  15. How is OTH still on the air?

    This post is old yes but I wanted to chime in anyway. I do not know how this show is still on the air. I watch it purely because I used to live in Wilmington and it is nice to see my old stompin’ grounds. I watched an episode where they pretty much ripped off “The Girl Next Door” and used “Teenage Wasteland” as the song. I originally moved to Wilmington because I was a Dawson’s Creek fan. I loved the scenery in the show and at least the show was somewhat more in the realm of reality(somewhat). But this show is so far-fetched I don’t know how it keeps going. Think about the plots and subplots… Maybe one or two could happen but if all of these things happened to someone in the real world, I would be shocked. Jocks in high school don’t marry their tutors. How many mothers does Peyton have to think she has before the stop beating the dead dog with a stick? And they are all very fortunate to be as successful as they are right out of college, living in such expensive houses and having thriving careers. You would think with all they have been through, at least half of them would have been committed to a mental institution. If this were a sci-fi show it might be better but it makes me vomit that it has such a large fan base and is still on the air. I’m done.

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