K-Fed Still Concerned for Britney


Although Britney Spears is admittedly doing much better than she was a few months ago, when she had a meltdown, shaved her head and was doing the rehab shuffle, her ex, Kevin Federline is still concerned by her behavior at the moment. She’s drinking again socially, which doesn’t bode well for a woman who only just finished a stint in rehab earlier this year. Not only that, but the pop star has filed a restraining order against her mother out of frustration that Lynne Spears has been contacting Kevin in order to visit with her grandchildren. Because of all of this, Kevin is concerned that Britney’s still not going to be able to pull her weight as a parent.

He thinks she’s mentally unstable and too young to be a mom,” a source close to Federline, 29, tells Us Weekly, adding that the father of Spears’ two sons (Sean, 21 months, and Jayden, 9 months) “expects full custody of his children one day.”

I’m still not exactly sure what Kevin does for a living. And now that Britney’s pushed back her album release date to next year, I’m not so sure what the heck she’s doing either. All I know is that she’s still dressing like a homeless person, who manages to get into very exclusive clubs. Angelina Jolie needs to adopt those kids.