K-Fed Shouldn’t Buy That Really Nice Malt Liquor Just Yet…

People are squawking that Mr. Federline isn’t receiving the 20 million that reports initially suggested. It looks like it’s more like 1 million. That’s a nice little sum for a gigolo and sperm donor, but you know that will be gone after he starts buying a full-on Sean Jean wardrobe and the good weed he’s become used to since becoming a celebrity scrub.

As for why K-Fed isn’t in a position to bargain — Britney’s disso-queen lawyer, Laura Wasser, drafted an airtight prenup before the marriage. Kevin will end up pocketing around a mil.

The divorce is winding its way to a quick end. Britney and Kevin are getting along, and they have agreed in principle to a custody arrangement. As TMZ first reported, there will be a 50/50 custody split for now, but in the long run , Britney will get primary custody.

As for how Britney is doing, we’re told she has had an utter personality change since going into rehab. She has become “nice as well as reasonable,” according to a source who has contact with her.

It looks like all’s well that ends well. The Surreal Life is opening its loving arms to you, Kev! Run, run like the wind!