K-Fed Makes His Move

Who would have thought that a year ago people would be thinking this was a good thing? Scrub weedy faux-homeboy beats crazed neglectful whorish dumpster diver in the summer of 07! K-Fed’s lawyer has filed a motion to increase his custody of the kids.

Britney and K-Fed currently share custody 50/50. Sources say for the last two weeks, K-Fed has been threatening to go back to court and ask for more custody. In the new legal papers, filed by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline has pulled the trigger and declared war. We don’t know how much more custody Kevin wants, because the papers are under seal.

K-Fed is reportedly “unhappy” with Brit’s behavior. Notice this happened right after the first appearance of that US Weekly cover with her flopping topless in the pool with frat guy. K-Fed’s aware that the children could have been stuck in the filter and Brit would merely wonder what all those leaves were doing in her mojito as Joe College played with her saggy ta-tas.