K-Fed Makes His Move

August 9th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Who would have thought that a year ago people would be thinking this was a good thing? Scrub weedy faux-homeboy beats crazed neglectful whorish dumpster diver in the summer of 07! K-Fed’s lawyer has filed a motion to increase his custody of the kids.

Britney and K-Fed currently share custody 50/50. Sources say for the last two weeks, K-Fed has been threatening to go back to court and ask for more custody. In the new legal papers, filed by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline has pulled the trigger and declared war. We don’t know how much more custody Kevin wants, because the papers are under seal.

K-Fed is reportedly “unhappy” with Brit’s behavior. Notice this happened right after the first appearance of that US Weekly cover with her flopping topless in the pool with frat guy. K-Fed’s aware that the children could have been stuck in the filter and Brit would merely wonder what all those leaves were doing in her mojito as Joe College played with her saggy ta-tas.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Just to finish that picture, kids jammed in the filter like you said JH, plus the dog London floating across the jacuzzi, face down, and one of Brit Brit’s hair pieces lapping gently against the wall.

    KFed’s weed crib is starting to sound like a child’s nursery in comparison…..

  2. operaghost

    >>K-Fed’s aware that the children could have been stuck in the filter and Brit would merely wonder what all those leaves were doing in her mojito as Joe College played with her saggy ta-tas. >>

    J. Harvey, OMG! You are the bomb! ROFLMAO…

  3. Jess

    Honestly, I never would have thought I’d be rooting for ol’ K-Fed….seriously! When she filed for divorce, I think even non-Britney fans were glad for her. Now, I’m actually hoping K-Fed (or preferably, her mother) gets the kids…she completely waster her chance at a comeback!!

  4. Oh come on now guys! You know Britney is a great mommy! By the looks of those topless pool pics of her, it was late, so i bet she had her kids there with her. SP spinning the tunes and JJ mixing the drinks!

    Seriously though, from the looks of things, she’s daring someone to take those kids off her hands so can can act the fool 24/7. She doesn’t want to do the “mommy” thing anymore.

  5. Zekers

    I’m thinking she probably feels she is doing a good job at being a mom…delusional yes, but I would be willing to bet that Britney seriously feels she is an awesome mom. She thinks she’s fashionable, she thinks she can sing…you smell what I’m steppin’ in?

  6. devil

    Clarisse nailed it – Britney’s just tired of motherhood. It was a fun diversion for a while, but now she wants to be slutty again without having two kids to deal with.

    Yeah, I hope K-Fed gets custody too. Those boys deserve better than Britney and, frankly, anyone would be better. (Well, maybe not Lindsay Lohan, but you know what I mean).

  7. Hey Cupcake

    Can I vote “neither” on the custody ballot? Have you seen the latest Vanity Fair, with the absurd article about all the male Hollywood players, including K-Fed? He’s proven he can inseminate women, but beyond that, why would he be a fit parent? As far as Britney goes, a college education on the top of a mountain in Utah would do her a world of good. Adopt the kids out.

  8. Girly

    I have to say I’m with Kevin. I mean even after he left Shar Jackson – Shar was pissed but said he was a great father. Never once did she say anything about his parenting. I HONESTLY think he loves his kids and is scared that bitch is going to hurt them or worse. He got 5 million from the sale of the house so I really don’t think it’s about money at all. And you know, we are all bagging on Kevin for leaving Shar pregnant but BRITNEY KNEW he had a pregnant girlfriend and still went after him. BRITNEY ASKED KEVIN TO MARRY HER. She confirmed that. I mean really. This is all her fault. If Britney asked me to marry her – I would, shit. WHO TURNS DOWN FREE MONEY? Yeah – Exactly. She offered it so she deserves to pay the consequences.

  9. pat

    I’m with Girly. There are some guys that look like total dirtbags. They sleep with different women (though I don’t think Kfed is all that promiscuous), but when they have kids, they are naturals. They have authority over kids and can keep them in line. I think that’s how Kfed is. I believe he not only loves kids, but likes being with them as well.

    BTW,Shar Jackson said Kfed’s father is a good dad too. Kfed must’ve learned from him.

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