K-Fed Dissatisfied With Britney’s Offer of 25 Million


Scrub-A-Dub is not feeling Brit’s divorce settlement offer . And he’s blaming it on the kids. Lies.

Kevin Federline turned down a $25 million divorce settlement from the “Oops, I Did It Again” singer, according to Star.

At one point, Federline was reportedly looking for $50 million from his estranged wife and the mother of two of his children — but the source insists it’s not greed — but love of their kids.

“Kevin says that Britney offered him $10 million to walk away from their marriage and to relinquish custody of their kids, but he just laughed. Then she came back with $20 million which he turned down too,” a source told the tab “Now he says she’s offering a whopping $25 million, and that’s her final offer. He told her to take a hike! He loves his two little boys, and there’s no way he’s going to disappear from their lives.”

Call me cynical but I’m sensing it has more to do with a payday then the two trailer chitlins. I mean, how else is this guy going to earn money? Dressing up as a taco and handing out flyers? Stealing car radios?