K-Fed, America’s Next Top Model?

Brandweek reports that Kevin Federline will model jackets in a series of ads for Five Star Vintage, the men’s collection for the San Francisco based clothing line, Blue Marlin. K-Fed will sport the jackets in a series of ads scheduled to run in a number of prominent mens’ magazines.

Kenneth Loo, director of marketing at Blue Marlin had this say about the ads: “Kevin represents the brand well. We knew we would get noticed in the crowded marketplace right now. Our consumer is very hard to reach. They have strong tastes and are very savvy.”

Oh Kenneth, I beg to differ. Cheetos, wife-beaters and a complete disinterest in properly administering birth-control methods don’t exactly convey the appearance of strong tastes. However, knocking up a multi-millionaire pop star and bleeding her dry does sound pretty savvy to me, so maybe I’m wrong.

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