Kevin Federline’s Take On It

Kevin Federline talks about the world’s obsession with his and Britney Spears’ divorce and custody battle in the February issue of “Interview”. He’s “flattered” that people seem to “want in” on their lives. I wouldn’t be. He comes off as Superdad but compared to her, so would Darth Vader and Alec Baldwin. And the truth is, the world isn’t obsessed with him as much as Britney. He could really be anyone, we just have to watch the wreck by the highway that she’s made of herself. He classifies their relationship as “normal”?!? He says “Even though everything is so publicized and everybody is looking at it, it’s normal for us. People put it up on this pedestal when it’s really the same way that everybody else goes through their stuff, you know? It’s not really any different.” It’s not? I know plenty of parents who have gotten divorced. No one shaved their head, was strapped down to a gurney or wouldn’t enter the courtroom because they were “scared”.