Kevin Federline’s Weight Balloons Out Of Control

August 24th, 2009 // 11 Comments

Holy crap! Former husband to Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, continues to look quite enormous in a billowy white oversized T-shirt and basketball shorts.

The father of Britney’s two sons stepped out for a bite to eat at the Faces and Names bar and lounge in New York City with girlfriend, Victoria Prince. Initially, I was shocked to see how much weight he’s gained over the past few years until I realized that sitting around doing a whole lotta nothing will do that to a person.

The sad part is that when this loser is ready to lose the weight, he’ll probably snag some big weight-loss endorsement deal and make another small fortune.

Gallery Info: Kevin Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince enjoy lunch together at Faces and Names bar and lounge in NYC.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T_in_the_Mix

    Is it just the pic or is he overweight?

  2. EK

    He looks like Chaz Bono.

  3. randomreetie

    That’s it K-Fat! Go get some more fatty take-out why don’t ya!!

  4. momma of 2 girls

    omg he looks like the stay puff marshmallow man!!!

  5. theblackbra


    more like K-well-fed!

  6. theblackbra


    more like k-well-fed

  7. hannah

    i think no one is perfect so yall need to get off the asshole bus and ride the happy train and think before u judge anyone but yourself only god is perfect

  8. whoopie g.

    maybe it’s the economy that’s drivin ”well-fed” to the fridge !!………….britney,…..yu need to pony up more $$$$ for yur maaan.,……..pretty soon he’ll need breast-reduction !!…………watch the view .

  9. Catalina

    He was butt ass ugly when he was skinny! He may still be trashy, but, he looks hella good. Awww! He even has a bag of food in his hands. What a cute little chubby wubby he is. Some people were not meant to be skinny. Just thing of all those years he wasted a an ugly person. My my.

  10. Kayla

    Kevin looks hella good with this extra weight! I always thought he was butthole ugly when he was skinny. This is a nice surprise! I love a nice solid, chubby wubby man (or woman). Skinny people are too easily hurt in bed. Look at me, I tore my damn calf muscle. It’s nice to bounce on a big-boned body and know I won’t break it. Just lookin at him makes me want to lick my computer screen.

  11. QT

    Kayla/Catalina Your lame ass is NOT fooling anyone. The last 2 posts were made by the same person, you.

    You can spin that bullshit all you want nobody is buying, K-Fat being so hat after gaining 100lbs in less than a year. Plus the fact that his face looks exactly the same. Now he has a whale body w/ a tiny little head attached to it. GROSS!

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