Kevin Federline’s Best Work To Date

January 30th, 2007 // 7 Comments

As much as I know he’s a douche, it’s really hard not to jump onto Team Federline after watching K-Fed’s “leaked” Superbowl Ad for Nationwide. It’s hilariously accurate–and a hell of a lot more fun to watch than Britney running around pantiless, stumbling around briefly before passing out. Well, maybe just less messy.

Also, I really enjoy that he seems to be trapped inside of an enormous electric shaver at the beginning of the spot. I hope there’s some subtle symbolism involved that I’m simply too tired and/or lazy to catch.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. gwenlister

    Dammit…. I really wish this commercial wasn’t as funny as it is. I was really liking hating KFed. After this I feel him creeping into the murky relams of mild dislike…. :S

  2. cyndi

    oh, i so agree.

    he seemed so worthless before (although i didnt think much of her to begin with) and now they have totally switched places. she is so worthless, running around with her “friends”, not being with her babies, and she just looks so nasty. she needs to get rid of the “yes-man” because they are not doing her any good.

  3. -A

    White trash is as white trash does. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but… You can’t make her have class, taste, talent, etc. But here…I’m sorry to say I kind of enjoy this comercial because it is funny. Mostly because it’s true, but also because it’s funny. Maybe he’ll go away after his, but odds are we’ll see him on Hollywood squares or Celeberity something on VH1 soon enough.

  4. newfgirl

    I have to admit he’s seeming a little less “douchy” ever since Britney went off the rails.

  5. kat

    I LOVED IT!!!
    Maybe it was not all him after all..

  6. Elwood

    I think it is a very cute commercial…who knew he could come off so likable?!

  7. hilarious. i loved this video.

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