Kevin Federline Vows To Save The Penny

June 22nd, 2006 // 14 Comments

Kevin Federline, along with Virgin Records chairman Richard Branson and director Matthew Eggers have “united to reinvigorate the purpose of the penny in face of its possible legislative elimination.” The three will appeared in Times Square Wednesday and were among the first to “to sign the ‘Save the Penny’ petition to be presented to lawmakers in Washington D.C.” Kevin Federline now has a purpose, and it’s worth one cent.

“I’m here with Virgin Mobile to bring the power back to the penny! I feel good about the penny! I’m glad to give it back to these charities.”

Then he sent the first 1-cent text, claiming it went to “my wife.” Mugging for the cameras, Federline held up a penny and slipped it in the armored vehicle’s donation slot. Then K-Fed took a cigarette break, wiping his hand on his pants before doing a few television interviews.

“I just gave all my pennies to charity!” he bragged to one TV outlet. To another, he said: “A bunch of charities get these children off the streets – build a better life, build a better future, for these children.” And to another: “There’s thousands of kids out here that have nowhere to go.” He admitted to “Access Hollywood’s” Tim Vincent: “It’s my first time doing a charity.”

He still managed to give two dollars to the Naked Cowgirl on his way back to the hotel, after his limo had stopped to do a traffic accident. She had strolled up to the window, and K-fed gladly obliged.

K-Fed’s charity bares watching [Lowdown]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. blue


  2. Small Fry

    I find it ironic that he’s talking about these kids being on the street and having nowhere to go while he has three (and a fourth on the way) that he seems to have abandoned. I’m sure that was Britney’s penny he dropped in the donation slot too.

    And by the way………this “first” shit is so annoying. Congratulations, you’re first. I’m sure Bob Barker’s got a motor home with your name on it.

  3. Grphdesi23

    It’s all apart of his…

    F*ck a ho, save a penny campaign.

  4. Miss Hannigan

    Did the naked cowboy get a sex change? I’m confused.

  5. fiz

    not to start beef..but -do have to admit that Effin “First!!” Crap is retarded. Maybe I’m the twentysomething loser that blogs all day and there are like 13 year olds writing that case…’re a kid..Rock On…
    If you are older than 18 CMON!!!

  6. anti

    K-Fed just found his truth worth, one cent. ha, ha.

  7. d. c.

    Want something better to educate and stimulate the mind..? dah-dah

  8. Cheesy

    Whatever will Kevin do, now that he’s given his entire networth to charity????

  9. Secret Admirer

    Cheesy, that was priceless – it ranks right up there with some of King Smart Ian’s great one-liners!

  10. Shannon

    Meanwhile… Britney’s at home scrounging for pennies trying to recoup some of the money he’s wasted.

    AND His first charity? Unlikely! He’s a walking charity case!!

  11. susiegrl

    It’s called “Damage Control” people. And that’s exactly what this waste of space is doing hoping to bring his popularity up with the public.
    What a joke! The day K-Skank does ANYTHING for ANYONE other than himself is the day “PopoZao” becomes the national anthem!
    He probably stole the penny from Tater-Tot’s piggy bank!

  12. 2 Old 4 This

    LOVE the third picture of him doing the White Boy Overbite! Priceless

  13. las

    Does he think this will impress us out of knowing what a rotten dad he is?

  14. Loob

    Well, at least he’s probably donating his very own money, not Britney’s.
    Pennies and dollar bills? Sounds about right.

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