Kevin Federline To Actually Work

Well sort of. This has nothing to do with his “music” career. South Floridians will only have themselves to blame if they attend this appearance, and give Kevin the idea that people really enjoy his music. No Kevin is the new face of Blue Marlin clothing. Huh? Never heard of it either? According to their website, Blue Marlin is the leading designer of international vintage sport clothing. Of course, it all makes sense now. When you think of Kevin Federline, you think of international vintage sport clothing, and not baggy pants hanging off of his ass.

Britney accompanied him to the ad-campaign shoot in L.A. this week. “She and [baby] Sean Preston showed up, and she told all the paparazzi how proud of Kevin she was,” said a source. “The paparazzi went nuts – there was even a helicopter – and La Brea had to be shut down.”

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