Kevin Federline Lights Up Miami

June 20th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Kevin Federline hosted a party in Miami at Mansion this past Friday night, and was apparently on his best behavior. Cristal straight from the bottle always says something about one’s character, and we’d like to know what qualifies as Kevin Federline’s best behavior? Hollyscoop reports that while Britney wasn’t in attendance, she was staying at a nearby condo.

Kevin even brought out a birthday cake for his friend Scooter. K-Fed mostly drank Cristal and stood up on stage next to DJ Irie and rapped along with the music. K-Fed didn’t play his music except for part of one track. Also in the house that night was actor Taye Diggs, who joined Kevin Federline on stage and watched as he took a turn in the DJ booth.

More photos of Kevin Federline having a good ole time at Mansion, after the jump.

Hollyscoop Exclusive” Britney And Kevin In Miami [Hollyscoop]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. k-fed's stylist

    Please note the holding of the cristal bottle (as if it were a 40 of Colt 45) coupled with the $200 Lacoste oxford:

    We went to extra effort to ensure that despite surrounding himself with expensive things, K-Fed still looks completely white trash.

  2. TJ

    He’s wanna be black trash.

    What an idiot.

  3. FIZ



    When oh when is he emigrating to Namibia?

  5. anti

    He always has this look on his facc that says “I got it all”

  6. maryanne29

    I thought there was a hip-hop boycott of Cristal?

  7. Ldysunfyre


    That would only matter if kevin was considered part of the hip-hop community.

  8. jaded

    Everytime I see pictures of K-Fed, I feel like I need a shower. He’s a insult to white trash everywhere.

  9. E

    Its nice to see where Britney’s money is going…

  10. JapaneseGameShow

    Every photo I’ve seen of the K-Man he’s gurning like a freak. That boy is consuming a hell of a lot of serious coke/speed/e/all of the above.

  11. Lass

    I like him better with his braids.

  12. scamps

    I like him better with something sharp sticking out of his head and bleeding.

  13. oerm

    BRITNEY….LET GO OF THIS LOOOSER ‘HUSBAND’ of yours…he is nothing but a maggot!!!!

    Don’T waste your(britneys)money, time, love etc investing in this trash called K FedEX!!!!!

    QUIT NOW before it’s too late!!!!!!

  14. ok2nm

    He just looks like scum.

  15. i wish i could join that party. looks like fun haha K-Fed is da man! luv his sense of humor <3

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