Kevin Federline Is Trimmin’ His Tree

And by tree, I mean his rotund physique of course.

Kevin Federline recently went on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, and it seems he was able to shed that belly he’s been rockin’ for the last two years. The show doesn’t air until January, but if his bod is any indication, it looks like he gave it his all. Doubt I’ll tune in, but still good for you, Kev!

With four young kids, it’s probably good that Federline is taking his health into consideration. Apparently even his ex-girlfriend (pre-Britney Spears) Shar Jackson went on the show with Kevin to shed her extra weight, too.

So who was with the kids while ya’ll were off boot camping? We all know leaving them alone with Brit is never the best idea. Now that you’ve gotten fit, let’s work on gettin’ smart, kids.

Gallery Info: Kevin Federline, girlfriend Victoria Prince, Kevin’s dad Michael Federline, as well as some friends, spend the afternoon golfing. Kevin was looking very healthy and has visibly lost some weight over the past few weeks. (12/10/09)