Kevin Federline Is One Talented Man

April 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

He can bounce with the best of them. K-Fed had some fun inside a giant inflatable can of Axe on Hollywood and Highland the other day. It was all part of a promotion to help publicize Axe Body Spray. I can now add Axe Body Spray to the list of products that I will never buy.


By Jessica Marx

  1. I don’t know if I got this right or not, but I wanted to post to Kfed. This was too funny. Kfed being ONE TALENTED GUY!!! Brilliant post. You gave me my first laugh of the day!

  2. shutupyoustupidcow

    The pairing of Axe and K-Fed makes sense. Guys that wear Axe tend to be white trash that either can’t afford (or don’t have the inherent ability to choose) a nice cologne. Plus it is conveniently purchased at WalMart along with wife-beaters so they don’t have to make an extra trip. Even with money, Kevin is the definition of white trash.

  3. lookwhaticando

    The hardest working No Talent loser in hollyweird.

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