Kevin Federline is a $1 Million Man. Maybe.


The twosome has finally reach a settlement in their divorce. Now that Britney is out of rehab, she’s supposedly ready to tackle the life ahead of her. While the details are sketchy about the actual details of the settlement, here is what is being reported:

The settlement session took place Thursday at Spears attorney Laura Wasser’s office in Century City, California. Spears, Federline and their respective lawyers met for five hours, during which they came to terms on “all issues of their marriage and child custody,” according to a statement from the spokesperson for Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. “At one point, Kevin went down for a smoke and Britney followed him outside,” the statement read. “They had a 15-minute conversation. Then they went back upstairs.”

While reports have circulated that K-Fed’s end of the deal is a $1 million payout with a joint-custody arrangement, sources close to the case told MTV News those reports are false. The terms of the settlement had not been disclosed as of late Thursday.

Federline originally asked the court not to award spousal support to Spears because he wanted it for himself, according to papers he filed in November (see “Kevin Responds To Britney’s Divorce Filing: He’s Going To Fight”). Spears had petitioned the court that her property — including jewelry and earnings from and after the date of separation — be considered separate from Federline’s.

That’s Britney leaving the lawyer’s office last night in the photos below. As soon as we have more details on the divorce settlement, we’ll keep you posted.