Kevin Federline Inspires Teens

August 21st, 2006 // 4 Comments

What a big geek. Tons of photos from the Teen Choice Awards are coming soon.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ldysunfyre

    Song Summary: I like to brag about how rich my wife has made me.

    I kept waiting for the song to improve, but it never did. I think I should sue him for my time and emotional distress and get a little bit of that wife’s money he keeps bragging about having.

  2. Kevin didn’t bomb like I thought he would. He is no musical geniuous though. Granted he can dance and play the piano, I will give him credit for that. The next Marshall Mathers noway. In one verse he said my bank account is large. It is not his money it is his wife. If it wasn’t for Britteny he would have still been a dancer somewhere.
    I think the public would buy it more or believe it if he was just stay real. Not pretend to be so hard or gansta.


    The guy has no class he is trash and britney is also a stupid spoiled whore. She turned to trash cause she is young and dumb and chose a fool to become her husband.
    She dresses like a pregnant slut with low cut outfits, looks like miss piggy and k-fed is so tottally clueless he reminds me of vanilla ice.

  4. C

    “Granted he can dance and play the piano” – Whaaaaat? When did this happen? All I saw was him repeatedly playing the same two chords on the piano. I’ve seen better playing when kids play “chopsticks.” The guy bopped around the stage for a while but he did no dancing at all. He made some moves with a dancer and then lifted the dancer’s leg. Nothing to be wowed about. Nothing to give credit for. His album will bomb.

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