Kevin Federline Celebrates His 29th

March 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

See, Kevin still knows how to party. He threw himself a party at Pure. He probably deserves it after becoming the responsible one in the Britney/Kevin realm of being. Was Kevin trying to cause a stir when he ended up partying with Shar Jackson that evening?

The Fed-Ex turned 29, and, according to People, spent his b-day dinner on Saturday “talking on the phone and texting the whole time,” though no word to whom. Then, he partied at Caesars’ Pure Nightclub with a special guest, first wife Shar Jackson. K-Fed’s parents hung out with Shar while Federline drank Jack Daniels and sang along to the music, such as it was.


By Jessica Marx

  1. lookwhaticando

    I had no idea him and Shar where ever married. At any rate. I hope he continues to try and clean up his act.

  2. lils

    I don’t believe I say this, but he’s waaaaay better without Britney.

  3. S

    They were never married. That shit is incorrect.

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