Kevin Federline: Musical Genius

November 3rd, 2005 // 10 Comments

“Ya’ll Ain’t Ready” by K-Fed.

I should be saying
Keep my damn name out of your mouth
But you people keep increasin’ my change amount

So, go ahead and say what you wanna
I’m going to sell out, turn around and then I’m gonna

I know you wish you was in my position
‘Cause I keep getting in situations that you wish you was in
‘Cause I’m not your brother
Not your uncle
I ain’t your daddy too
Stepping in this game and you ain’t got a clue

My prediction is that y’all gonna hate me
And this style that we create straight 2008

But I know that you really can’t wait
‘Cause people are always asking me
When’s the release date?
Well maybe baby you can wait and see
Until then all these paparazzi are following me

Getting anxious go take a peek
I’m starring in your magazine now every day of the week

Back then
They called me K Fed
But you can call me Daddy instead

Back then
They called me K Fed
But you can call me Daddy instead

Stereogum has the download if you must. The lyrics are via The Board Room.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Oh My Fucking God, Mother Nature please rid the earth of no talent detritus like this, please!!!!

  2. netty

    I’m almost embarrassed for him. I heard like 15 secs of it this morning on the radio and let me tell you how amazing producing can do to someone’s voice. He actually sounded a bit like Emimen. Its obvious a little help from Britney got him this far….He needs help with the lyrics as well, who wrote this by the way???


    Kevin Federline is a TERD. what does Brit she in that greasy clown??

  4. kurby

    I just heard Kevin Federlines new rap. Could that guy be any more wanna be thugged out white trash crap rappin britney money moochin 5 minute fame stupid ass lame chimp pimp. there’s a rap for you…K-Fed…aka…”Daddy”

  5. da shit spinna

    dis iz fuckin bullshit man, i mean like we’re goin from nwa, to pac n’ big, to em, 50 n’ kanye which iz ok so far, and then k-fed? a goldiggin’ piece a shit, no good, talentless bum muthafucka… i mean like i dunno wut 2 say man. he iz a fuckin disgrace 2 all da hip hop community. sum1 plz assasinate dis no good motherfucker.

  6. G-roc

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yo you can’t rap give it up leave it to the real niggaz! Stop making a full of yourself shower girl!

  7. rappa Mc

    Dis K-Fed punk ass beeeeothch aint nuttin’ but a playa hatin’ no good sun of a whore! K-Fed?! Put his punk K-Fed ass in a Fed Ex box and send it to playa hatinville!! No wut I’m sayin’ DAWGS!!

  8. Erin and Rae Rae

    Since when are the paparazzi following YOU? If you weren’t married to Britney Spears you’d be a drunken bum doing backflips for quarters at kids’ birthday parties. Call you Daddy? Is that in addition to the fifty other illigitimate children you have? For being such a gold digger, you certainly don’t seem to have access to soap and water, as we can see from your scraggly beard and lice-ridden greasy hair. Say it with me: Lather, rinse, repeat.

  9. Brianna

    Yall need to quit hatein cuz dis rapz da shit

  10. Nasser

    Watch out Jigga, K-Fed is coming for the title. Look, people like this do not deserve to live, serious.

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