Kevin Federline Spending Britney’s Money With Abandon

Britney Spears is footing some large bills for her ex-scrub, Kevin Federline. Poppazao has spent over $43,000 on clothes and clubbing between May of 2007 and January of this year. This is according to documents filed by his attorney in his ongoing custody battle with Britney.

K-Fed spent the kids’ child support on $1,445 worth of clothing at Gianni Versace (they make clothes for babies and toddlers?), $3,863 at TAO nightclub and $3,008 at the Hard Rock Beach Club.

K-Fed tipped TWO THOUSAND dollars on a $365 meal at Scores strip club. A meal? You know he paid in ones and fives and they went right into a g-string. I need to get my pasties out and go to work there! Damn!

Not all of the money goes to outfits and drankin’. K-Fed also spent 74K in “music production” costs. His return? A music income of a little under ten grand. So, that’s a skyrocketing rap career.

Britney has paid over $375,000 in K-Fed’s attorney fees, as well as $15,000 a month in child support to K-Fed. He has sole custody of their two children, JJ and Sean Preston. I’m sure K-Fed can get more play money out of her. They supposedly have been mulling a reconciliation. It’s probably so he can impregnate her, get custody of the kid and drill her for more money for strippers and glittery sweatsuits.