Kevin Federline Works The Frosting Beard

OK, so there were more people at Kevin Federline’s 30th birthday party over the weekend than I had originally realized. Initially, I thought it was just Kevin and one of his baby mamas, Shar Jackson. Now, I’m finding out that the Pussycat Dolls were also there and put on a show for the former Mr. Spears, ending their performance by smearing cake all over Kevin’s face. After that, a mild food fight broke out with the cake, but it was all in good fun.

Kevin started the evening with dinner out with Shar at Social House, and it was at club Pure that he was joined by 20 friends and then the Pussycat Dolls did their thing. Afterwards, Kevin enjoyed generous amounts of Patron and Jack Daniels and eventually snagged the mic from the DJ to wish his guests a special message.

He told them to take “s–ts in the bathroom of the club.” According to a witness that dished to Us Weekly, “The DJ tried to take the microphone back after about three minutes, but he just kept going.” The source added, “It didn’t make any sense what he was saying. He was just blabbing on.”

At least he wasn’t making everyone listen to Popozao or whatever the hell his single was called. Or maybe he did and that’s the real reason they shoved cake in his face.


More photos from Kevin Federline’s birthday party are after the jump.