Kevin Federline Says His Closet is Skeleton-Free

How does Kevin Federline manage to look even more scraggly than he usually does? He gets himself a poorly-planned mohawk, of course. I’m not against the mohawk look per se, but on Kevin it just looks like an awkward landing strip. Sigh. Luckily for him, Britney’s been the one getting all the negative attention lately. But it looks like she’s hoping to air some of Kevin’s dirty laundry, hiring a private investigator to do some sleuthing on her ex. According to Kevin’s lawyer, though, he’s got nothing to hide. “I don’t think (Federline) would be concerned about it, and I don’t think he has to change anything he is doing in order to address that,” said Mark Kaplan, K-Fed’s attorney. At this point, it just looks like Kevin’s mostly guilty of crimes against fashion and just generally annoying me, which is punishable by death in some states. Unfortunately, not this one.

Photos: Flynet Onilne