Kevin Federline Mixing Things Up

May 8th, 2006 // 17 Comments

What is the purpose of this photo Kevin? Oh yes, to drive home the point that you’re an idiot. Take this sampling from his latest single.

Waitress, could I have another drink please? … I live life like a king, I was extra-stoned. Kevin Federline, I come tight with every rhyme. I built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine. This marijuana got me heavily sedated. I’m Kevin Federline, America’s most hated.”

That’s some brilliant stuff, right there.

Kevin, pictured above, is in front of David Foster‘s home recording studio where he’s putting some finishing touches on “Playing With Fire.” Mabye we’ll all be spared and someone will steal the masters. It’s always interesting when you begin to see fewer photos of celebrity couples together. Here we have poor pregnant Britney having to walk through a dangerous parking lot all by herself.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. christina_the_wench

    That boy needs to head back to the trailer park and quit pretending he is hip hop. I’m embarassed for him.

  2. I never saw any wedding photos, but I’m going to assume that Kevin got married in a wifebeater.

  3. Small Fry

    Hey K-Fed, you are a parent now….time to stop bragging about smoking pot. Can we just sterilize him please?

  4. doofus

    heard a gossip story on the radio today about these two…

    apparently, Britney has CUT HIM OFF. Yes, he asked the pregnant and depressed Britney for some money for a trip to Las Vegas, and she told him NO WAY. the word is that whenever he goes, she foots the bill not only for HIM, but FOR HIS FRIENDS. They’re flying and partying on HER DIME. he supposedly goes through his “monthly allowance” in about a week.

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for that free-loading JERK.

  5. mandi6278

    Would someone please introduce Britney to a bra and a hairbrush?

  6. blondEE

    what i don’t understand is that she was never “white trash” while in the spotlight. she always seemed like a decent girl.

    did justin’s breaking up with her blow her self-esteem that far out of the water that she settled with this freak of nature. i just don’t get it.

    looking at this picture seriously makes me feel bad for his girl, and i normally don’t

  7. Say What?

    So are the two black guys supposed to legitimize this shit?

  8. anti

    She keep letting him get away with all these crazy things, it is becoming her fault.

  9. Kris

    anti, you are absolutely correct. I don’t have one ounce of pity for Britney. And who can say, maybe she likes the attention Kevin gets, lord knows she doesn’t have anything to tout herself except past glory….could be she even encourages Kevin, in fact, to keep HER in the news.

  10. Annie

    is britney pregnant again? no way!!! How could she do that?, I mean….that guey will have 4 kids!! at 27! and from 2 women!! what the!!!….feel sorry 4 BRit, I guess she could have any decent man on earth, but noooo….she chose this white trash

  11. unrelated

    ok, does anyone has major issues with the ads for ‘”bryanboy”:le superstar fabuleux’ on this site? this guy is so scary and evil!

    also, poor britney, because this pic isn’t all that great, but it’s the best i’ve seen her look in a while :-(

  12. Kris

    yep, she’s preggers alright. And not only that, Kevin will soon have four kids all under the age of four (or close). Looks like a kid a year for that deadbeat leech.

  13. las

    “Look at me! I’m F-Ked! I mean, K-Fed! I’m practically black! I’m cool! I got a sugar momma! Even though I’m almost thirty and still dress like a thirteen-year-old! I’m soooooo gangsta!”

    Why do people like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. die, and this worthless creature lives on?

  14. doofus

    to las…

    HE’S K-Fed.

    Britney is F-Ked.

    (but I thought yours was pretty good!)

  15. Jackson

    He looks like he’s getting ready to pee on that car.

  16. anona

    Brit brit has always been trashy. She bamboozled you with the weave tracks, the make up and the dance moves learned from Janet Jackson. She can’t sing a lick and K-Fed is most definently keeping her in the press. I also don’t feel sorry for her.

  17. lala

    so kevin federline, excuse me, i mean, K-Fed, goes walking through an alley one day when two black guys coming from the opposite direction approach him. the ask “k-fed” wtf he’s doin in their “hood” k-fed stutters and tries to give a good excuse but with his heart racing and trembling, he can’t respond. as the black guys proceed to beat his ass, and k-fed proceeds to shit his pants, he comes up with a fantastic idea. he asks the guys if they would like to hang out with him and get paid doing it. the two black guys look at each other and decide that its a koo idea. they can get paid $$$ for making this punk ass white boy look gangsta. they decide to take him up on his offer. and this is how this picture came about.

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