Kevin Federline Mixing Things Up

What is the purpose of this photo Kevin? Oh yes, to drive home the point that you’re an idiot. Take this sampling from his latest single.

Waitress, could I have another drink please? … I live life like a king, I was extra-stoned. Kevin Federline, I come tight with every rhyme. I built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine. This marijuana got me heavily sedated. I’m Kevin Federline, America’s most hated.”

That’s some brilliant stuff, right there.

Kevin, pictured above, is in front of David Foster’s home recording studio where he’s putting some finishing touches on “Playing With Fire.” Mabye we’ll all be spared and someone will steal the masters. It’s always interesting when you begin to see fewer photos of celebrity couples together. Here we have poor pregnant Britney having to walk through a dangerous parking lot all by herself.

Snark Attack! [Lowdown]