Kevin Federline Threatens To Strip

March 14th, 2006 // 18 Comments
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Actually we prefer him as shown above – covered up and pretty much out of sight. Blender mag asked Federline what he’ll do if his upcoming album fails. “I’ll be at your local strip club, but I’ll be the one dancing,” he replied. So look for Kevin to be the featured dancer at Scores about one week after his new album drops.

And what on earth is Britney holding?

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(Source: Scoop)

More photo of Britney holding what knows what, after the jump.

(Photos via Gossip Rocks)

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kiki

    Voodoo Doll

  2. tia

    why the hell is he hiding??? He does know we can see him right??

  3. Emily

    haha it looks like a voodoo doll.

  4. e

    A Barbie made of chocolate.

  5. Christina

    My thoughts exactly…maybe she is trying to scare away the paparazzi with voodoo

  6. ugh

    better yet what is on her head???


  7. loryn

    wtf is with those hats she keeps wearin??? Eww..

  8. dusty

    The way she wears her hats bothers me way more than the hat itself. Has anyone else ever noticed that they appear to barely hover on her hair. She needs to learn that the hat is suppossed to rest on your head. It’s like she’s hiding someghin under those hats when they sit a foot up off her head.

  9. Cheesy

    Trashtastic Britney Barbie with bad extensions–coming to a toy store near you soon!

  10. katie

    It’s a voodoo doll of Shar Jackson!!!

  11. jess

    shes reading instructions or information about it on that little yellow square…lets HOPE its not a fertility doll!

  12. kristine

    a mariah carey voodoo doll

  13. Jonrah

    Shar Jackson voodoo doll

  14. AlongCameMary

    These two just continue to mortify me with how low they continue to get. Now he seems to be morphing into Michael Jackson (remember the times he constantly hid under blankets on hotel balconies from fans yet continued to come out)?
    If you do not want your picture taken, stay the he** out of the spotlight!!!!!!!!!!
    These two HAVE to stay in the public view so the stalkarazzi WILL publish stupid photos to sell because they have nothing better to do with their lives. He is living off her money and the way they are blowing through it, I can’t imagine it lasting much longer.
    Geez! Nexttttttttttttt….

    p.s. has anyone else noticed how her little sister copies Britneys hair color changes too?
    (strange, very strange people)

  15. Queen Paul

    E.T. is that you…….??????

  16. laS

    First he won’t go away, then he pretends he wants to. Kevin, choose a method of annoying us and stick with it.

  17. Kim

    It’s a lovely tiki doll… most likely purchased from an ABC store up the street.

    I really really hope that Britney leaves the island soon, so I can have some peace and quiet next week when I’m there. Seriously, I see her and Kevin enough around here (always shopping for something else at Kitson or Fred Segal)… I WANT A BREAK FROM THEM!!!!!

  18. Misconceptions

    Vodoo is a religion with origins from the Yoruban tribe in Africa. It is a religion with very peaceful ideas. Pins in dolls is just a made up bullcrap idea. Has nothing to do with the religion. FYI.

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