Kevin Federline Hangs Out With Sandy Lakdar

February 23rd, 2006 // 24 Comments

I think she’s flashing some French female gang signal.

Who is she? She’s some French chick named Sandy Lakdar. The charming little French girl’s (whose screen name is Die2Die) quote on the home page of her MySpace profile reads: “I hate you more than you love yourself.” According to her age on her MySpace page, she’s shaved 10 years off her age, she’s 24 and not 14-years-old. She’s an actress. Let’s just call this reason number 42,683 to kick Kevin to the curb.

(Thanks to the many, many people who emailed me the info.)

UPDATE: It seems that Kevin has been a busy boy while Britney is having fun with their son in Hawaii. He reportedly hit on Jessica Simpson.

Kevin Federline, “made a beeline” for the recently separated reality show star at L.A. club Privilege.

“She invited him to sit down,” a clubgoer told Life & Style Weekly. “There was definitely some chemistry there.” Reps for the two insist they’re just old friends.

Old friends? Was Jessica Simpson a backup dancer in a previously life or something?

Did K-Fed hit on Jessica Simpson? [Scoop]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jessica Simpson

    OH MY GAW!

  2. katiekate93

    wow, that shows balls . . . doesn’t he know the “Pavarotti” are everywhere?

  3. sweet T

    Is it just me or does this girl look exactly like Britney?

  4. yay posers

    actually according to IMDB, shes 25.

  5. Carrie Bradshaw

    What the f— is up with those leggings? I’m confused as to why his arm is around her.

  6. KittyLiterati

    Look at the positive side of this: international cooperation between white trash.

  7. DJ

    If this doesn’t give Shitney the balls to kick him to the curb, then she gets what she deserves….most likely an STD.

    Also, is reporting that he was hitting on Jessica Simpson. Whats more incredibule is that she invited him to sit with her!! Jessica is sinking to new lows…PaPa Simpson MUST be thrilled with the news.

  8. Dr. tia

    What do they mean by screen name? like yahoo or aim screen name? If so we should all instant message her. Or do they mean that is her name on myspace?

  9. nevermind

    I had no pity for Britney after seeing the blech-fest she called “Chaotic”. I hope she kicks him so hard to the curb with her foot so far up his ass that her bootlaces are hanging out of his crack as he goes flying!

    And it goes to show, he likes trash. Maybe he and Paris should hook up.

  10. Emily

    LEAVE HIM BRIT! At first she looked like Brittany but that girl is much shorter. And what an ugly ass outfit shes wearing.

  11. doofus

    to kittyliterati…good one!

    to sweet t…yes, she does resemble Brit…for a second, I thought it was Jamie Lynn.

    whether these pics were taken yesterday or a couple of months ago, they were surely taken AFTER he and Brit hooked up because NO ONE was taking his picture before that.

    and you KNOW that if he got “caught” once, statistically, he’s done it a LOT more times than that without getting caught. personally, I think he cheats on her whenever he gets the chance.

    LORDY BE I sure hope she ditches this guy. Not that I’m a Brit fan, but the sisterhood thing gets me…I HATE seeing any guy, especially a scummy one like Kfed, taking advantage of a woman in the way he does.

  12. fallgirl29

    now these two seem much better suited for each other then he and briney…a coke whore and a media whore..match made in heaven..go for it kev..shit whats 2 or 3 more kids with yet another woman….

  13. BowandQuiffer

    Britney, here’s you’re chance. RUN, Lola, RUN!!!!! Don’t fight for him. Remember he did it once to a pregnant woman (Shar), he will do it again, and again, and again, and……..

    Britney, you are no better nor any worse than those girls he’s cheated on. Just recoup your dignity and get him out of your life.

  14. Tilly

    The only problem fallgirl29 is that when he is not with Britney anymore he will no longer be in the media and the cheap tart wont be able to buy her coke!

    I see him in a trailer park with this women in about a year, there will have kids and he will on occasion have a “announcement to the press” that will get reported only because we need a cheap laugh.

    Britney honey they are right, run forrest run!

  15. CJ

    Kevin is a LOSER! He is TRASH! He can’t sing! He can’t dress! Shave your head! YOU LOOK STUPID!

    Honey … please get rid of him! You can do much better, and you are a great performer so please get back to YOUR life! Your baby needs a normal life, it IS NOT with Kevin.
    You should have went to a sperm bank to a have a baby or adopt a baby!
    Britney, Please come back to reality! You left your career and fans for … Kevin to do this shit to you, and use you totally.
    Look at you now and sit down and watch your videos again, get back to YOU!
    Don’t let this trash or any man do you like this.
    Please listen to what the people say about your situation!
    Take Care and kick him out!

  16. url_grl

    Okay, if you click on the link to this girl’s website, it sounds like she had some fresh off the boat foreigner from like Beijing write the text. No offense to people from Beijing…you guys rock, you just don’t know how to use articles in a sentence.

  17. anna

    just fyi, her profile probably says 14 b/c she set it that way to keep it private. people 14 and under on myspace have private profiles and can only be viewed by people they’ve added as friends… it’s just a way to keep predators out, but other people do it for privacy.

  18. Silasdog

    If Britney doesn’t flush this bum down the scoop shutes then she’s more gone than I imagined. What a piece of crap he is, children, family mean absolutely nothing to this scuz.

  19. T. Dot

    You people kill me how obsessed you are with celebrity gossip. Britney likes the whole urban white boy thing. That is why she went from Justin to Kevin. Justin just has way more money. Let them live their life. No one knows ANYTHING about these two people. It’s not like any of you people are friends of either Britney or Kevin. People liked Britney, then they didn’t like Britney, now they like her again. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need your sympathy. OBVIOUSLY, there is something about Kevin Federline that Britney absolutely loves. Of course you guys don’t know what is because you aren’t with the couple in their everyday life. Fans & fanatics take public opinions, Hollywood gossip, & Paparazzi pics & run with it. Remember, Paparazzi are people who a majority of the time get paid to paint celebrities in a bad light. THIS IS THEIR JOB!!! They get paid to make Kevin Federline look like a cheater, a wanna-be, a deadbeat, & a mooch. Think for yourselves people. STOP being brainwashed!!! When you people finally become friends with Britney & Kevin & get insight into their private lives (which you never will), then you can comment. But until then, all of the pics & hearsay are opinionated & down right speculative.

  20. T. Dot

    O, by the way, every man who has kids by more than 1 woman is not a DEADBEAT. I take it that you sympathetic/empathetic good-for-nothings haven’t heard the RUMOR that Shar Jackson is dating Jason Alexander Britney’s ex-husband). And I guess you people didn’t hear the RUMOR that Britney & Justin broke up because she cheated on him. THEY ARE CALLED RUMORS FOR A REASON!! Now you dumbasses will go & harass this girl whom you know absolutely nothing about. Don’t assume that other celebrities or people in general only know Kevin Federline because of Britney Spears. I’m pretty sure he had his own identity before Britney. Just because you people didn’t know him, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t known. People, GET A LIFE!!

  21. kwinkle

    THAT GIRL IS FUGly!!!Yuck! She looks like an uglier Britney. What a turd. she should flush him.

  22. Tammy A

    Britney, Britney, Britney, You poor pathetic child. Has it not acurred to you that since you have hooked up w/this garbage “KFED” your career
    has gone down the toilet along w/your looks & your money. Cut your losses & your move on…..

  23. Lindsay Myers

    DIVORCEKEVIN.COM you gotta check it out!!!

  24. loops

    T. Dot, Chill, bud. It’s just cheap, mindless entertainment. The stars know it comes with the package. No harm, no foul. So sit back, relax, and roll your eyes with the rest of us.

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