Kevin Federline Hangs Out With Sandy Lakdar

I think she’s flashing some French female gang signal.

Who is she? She’s some French chick named Sandy Lakdar. The charming little French girl’s (whose screen name is Die2Die) quote on the home page of her MySpace profile reads: “I hate you more than you love yourself.” According to her age on her MySpace page, she’s shaved 10 years off her age, she’s 24 and not 14-years-old. She’s an actress. Let’s just call this reason number 42,683 to kick Kevin to the curb.

(Thanks to the many, many people who emailed me the info.)

UPDATE: It seems that Kevin has been a busy boy while Britney is having fun with their son in Hawaii. He reportedly hit on Jessica Simpson.

Kevin Federline, “made a beeline” for the recently separated reality show star at L.A. club Privilege.

“She invited him to sit down,” a clubgoer told Life & Style Weekly. “There was definitely some chemistry there.” Reps for the two insist they’re just old friends.

Old friends? Was Jessica Simpson a backup dancer in a previously life or something?

Did K-Fed hit on Jessica Simpson? [Scoop]