Kevin Bacon Gets One Degree Closer to Himself

No he doesn’t. Or maybe he does. Truth be told, I have no idea what I meant by that blog post title. What I do know is that these days, he’s all about promoting his new movie, “Death Sentence.” It’s a thriller about a father who witnesses his teenage son’s murder, and then decides to take revenge of his own on the murderers. Bacon was recently chatting with co-anchor Harry Smith on The Early Show about his character in the movie.

“One of the things – you know, it’s an action movie, it’s a thriller, but it’s also a pretty complicated movie in terms of how this family deals with this tragedy,” Bacon said. “I’ve got these two kids. You know if you feel like maybe for a second you love one more, and that’s the one that dies, and how’s it affect your relationship with your other son.”

That’s some deep stuff to have to be talking about so early in the morning. I hope they squeezed Kevin in right between a segment on his to keep those pesky pounds off your middle and tips to picking out next season’s most fetching autumn wreath! Yay! Perky morning chatter with a morose Kevin Bacon!


More photos (Kevin Bacon, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, James Wan and more) from the “Death Sentence” premiere are after the jump.