Kevin Federline Gets His Ticker Checked Out After Health Scare [PHOTOS]

The classy gent puts his boxers on outside.
Fear not, everyone.  Kevin Federline did go to the hospital yesterday in Australia yesterday after experiencing chest pains, but he was sent on his way after given a somewhat clean bill of health.

Federline is in Sydney to compete in Australia’s Excess Baggage (attempt #2 at a celebrity weight loss show), and had to be rushed to the hospital after training with an Australian football team, according to the Mirror.  Today (January 24th) he had another appointment at Linfield Cardiology.

The show’s production company released the following statement yesterday: “Kevin Federline has been given the all-clear after spending the day in medical care.  After more tests, he was released late last night. Kevin is now at home with his family and will undergo further investigation with a cardiologist today.”