Ke$ha’s ‘Cannibal’ Lacks Bite

The latest trend in music is not putting out new albums, but releasing these ‘companion’ albums that basically expands the original album by a handful of new tracks. In some cases, like Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster, the work is clearly the next step in a musical evolution. But in the case of Ke$ha’s Cannibal – the companion to her debut album Animal – it’s really not that different and not necessarily terrific.

Metacritic gives her album a 64 out of 100, and is based on a multitude of editorial reviews. Some songs are good, like “The Harold Song” or “Sleazy,” which at least don’t sound like every other track she’s ever released. Other songs are so crude that they aren’t even comical. They are just dumb lyrics, which is what started her career but surely can’t sustain it for long.

The singer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night and was spotted wearing some funky glasses while signing autographs and chatting with fans!