Keri Russell Is Back

April 25th, 2006 // 11 Comments

With Mission Impossible 3 about to open in theaters, we are hoping that this means that we will be seeing much more of the former star of Felicity. After a few years of relative obscurity after Felicity ended, Ms. Russell has increased her profile. She has three films being released this year, and is currently filming August Rush. We are happy to have the beauty back.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. netty

    Who cares, this is going to be another come back star wanna be actress…..

  2. yourFACE

    I’d hit it

  3. YEAH

    Love Kerri Russell….glad that she was able to have the opportunity to act in a film, lets get her back into the spotlight. She truly deserves to be in that position of a comeback, unlike others who are just PRESS HOGS!!!

  4. picklejuice

    she’s her hair.

  5. s

    absolutely gorgeous, and a pretty good actress too… thank goodness she’s back. a welcome change from the vacuous bleach blonde, silicon bimbos out there.

  6. maryanne29

    Keri Russell was amazing in the movie “Upside of Anger”. Also stars Perv of the Day and every masseuse’s nightmare customer, Kevin Costner.

  7. citykitty

    Ick. Are you serious?
    Big puffy face, and almost as modest as Evangeline Lilly.

    Give me Rachel McAdams any day.

  8. Chloe Christensen

    Rachel McAdams wishes she were as beautiful as Keri Russell! Plus Keri is the best actress there is!

  9. I want Felicity the Movie to come out. THen She’ll be BACK!

  10. Lee

    Good to see her again only I wish it wasn’t connected to TomKat’s movie. Hopefully, she’ll be in something I can stomach seeing.

  11. carlo

    she’s wonderful but i wonder if she could beat the “felicity” syndrome — as in, can she play anyone else besides FELICITY? She is beautiful though.

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