Keri Russell Gets Naughty & Naked For Esquire Magazine

Keri Russell has some rules for men and she’ll let you know them all in the video after the jump, but let’s first talk about these photos, okay? Um, hot! Who would have thought Felicity would finally grow out of her awkward teenage years (or at least that awkward role that probably left her typecast for years) into a smoldering woman?

In fact, she’s 34-years-old!  And is about to star in what I think may be an amazing career booster by starring in the new Fox sitcom Running Wilde, from Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and starring Will Arnett as a wealthy man-child and Russell as the object of his affection.

“Let’s be real,” Russell tells Esquire. “It’s Will’s show. It’s him in his sweet spot, and I’m just kind of tagging along…I guess this particular project, it just seemed exciting to me. It’s an unknown, and I think I was willing to bet on the unknown, even if it fails. At least it would be fun and invigorating instead of me playing another nice mom in some sappy movie.”

So at least she realizes she’s been in some shitty flicks. She says that after Felicity, she walked away from acting, then took small roles in big films, big roles in small films, got pregnant, then married, then moved to Brooklyn.

People don’t really care when they see me,” she says. “But what I do get, which is sort of wonderful, is the best-friend thing. Like, ‘Oh, my God, you’re great. I’m so sorry to bother you.’ Which is nice.”

Haha, until they see these photos!