Keri Russell Gets Star on Walk of Fame, Has ‘Felicity’ Reunion

The Americans star, Keri Russell, got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday (May 30, 2017), recognizing her critically acclaimed work in television.

Entertainment Tonight spoke to Russell, where the notoriously private star admitted that all the attention was “embarrassing.”

“I would much rather hide out from doing these things,” she said. “It’s a lot for me to get up and speak, but, it’s an incredible honor, obviously. It’s so special to be a part of this. My mom grew up outside of L.A. and remembers these ceremonies, you know, so it’s incredible. It’s historic, and it’s amazing to be a part of it.”

Keri Russell Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
CREDIT: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

At the ceremony, she was joined by her Americans co-star and real-life love, Matthew Rhys, along with Felicity creators J. J. Abrams and Matt Reeves were on hand to honor Russell, as well as her co-star, Scott Speedman.

Hot Scott Speedman Continues Being Hot, HBO Deprives Us Of Seeing Him Naked

It just feels like a “hot dudes from Felicity named Scott” sort of week. Earlier this week we had some hot Scott Foley, and today we’re gonna stare at some hot Scott Speedman. Look at that perfectly coiffed hair. Look at that smile. Look at his eyes.

That appearance was not the only Felicity reunion of the day, as Russell and Speedman made a joint appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When talking to host Jimmy Kimmel about Felicity’s infamous hair cut, that Russell got in real life after season one, the actress, 41, made a quip about how Speedman was a “disaster of a boyfriend.”


“A young 20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend,” Russell said of Speedman, who was 23 when he landed the gig. The Animal Kingdom actor added: “Not much has changed.”

As for an official Felicity reunion anytime soon, both stars were less optimistic of it actually happening.

“Some people are on some high-class shows,” Speedman joked about Russell’s FX show, The Americans, and Scott Foley‘s show, Scandal. “I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I’ll be on Lifetime in no time,” he added.

Keri Russell & Scott Speedman on Felicity Reunion

Scott and Keri talk about still being friends and reveal if they would ever be up for a “Felicity” reunion.

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