Keri Russell Kicks Some Major Ass On The Set Of ‘The Americans’

Keri Gets Naked
Keri Russell goes naked for Esquire.
In case you were wondering, Keri Russell is fully capable of kicking some ass. As long as it’s all scripted and on camera.

The gorgeous actress was spotted fighting last night on the set of her spy show, The Americans. I love that she went from being sweet, little Felicity to this Russian agent. She’s got some serious range.

Also, I’m just going to give you guys the title of the latest story about Keri from The National Enquirer. You ready for this? 

Keri Russell “Americans” Real-Life Love Triangle Declassified. And obviously it was all in caps for added emphasis. You might have missed the news that Keri recently filed for divorce because she’s dating her The Americans co-star, Matthew Rhys. Well, according to the Enquirer, her ex, Shane Deary, is totally cool with the relationship and is all for it happening.

If that’s true, that’s actually kind of sweet. I mean, it probably isn’t, but since sometimes it’s fun to make-up gossip, let’s go with it. In the meantime, launch the gallery to check out Keri kicking some serious ass. I like this lady.