Keri Russell Keeps It Eco-Friendly As She Rides Her Bike Around NYC

Keri Gets Naked
Keri Russell goes naked for Esquire.
Honestly, every time I see Keri Russell I love her more and more.

The Americans actress was spotted in New York city today, running errands while riding her bicycle. Look at her, being all cute and eco-friendly. My college town was incredibly bike friendly, so whenever I see a celebrity on two wheels, I get very nostalgic.

Also, I applaud her for being able to bike around New York City. I like to consider myself a pretty skilled biker, but even I was too afraid to bike around town while I was there. 

Too bad that Keri’s ridiculously cute kids weren’t around for the errand running. They’re probably busy being cute somewhere else. Maybe with their dad? I wonder how that whole divorce thing is going. And how her blossoming off screen relationship is playing out on set.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Keri being cute in NYC. Are you brave enough to bike in the city? Let me know how you do it!