Keri Russell & Her Dark Wig Look Sexy On The Set Of ‘The Americans’ [PHOTOS]

Keri Gets Naked
Keri Russell goes naked for Esquire.
Damn, Keri Russell! That dark hair is for sure working on you!

America’s current favorite KGB spy was spotted on the set of her cold war drama, The Americans, looking incredibly sexy in a long, dark wig. I don’t think the super red lipstick is hurting too much either. At least not as much as breaking a window with your head.

See! This is just what she should have done with her hair for Felicity! Instead of cutting it off, grown it long, straighten it and dye it dark brown! 90s problems solved! So what’s it like going from playing America’s sweetheart to playing a Russian spy with a penchant for incredibly sexual spy work? 

Apparently, Keri loves it. Regarding her characters sexual identity, Keri told reporters, “I like that she’s so cold and tangled up in her intimacy issues. I also like the juxtaposition of her being so outwardly sexual for her work. You know, giving guys blow jobs in hotel rooms and then not even be able to be warm or touch her husband, which is real intimacy.”

And don’t think that we’re just going to be seeing dark-haired Keri on the small screen! The beauty just landed a prime role in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes alongside Andy Serkis and Gary Oldman. Should be quite good!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of super brunette Keri. Think the wig works on her? Loving her role in The Americans? Sound off in the comments!