Kenny Chesney’s Tells Oprah Renee Zellweger Didn’t Fit In His Box

Remember when Kenney Chesney and Rene Zellweger, who was getting a mani-pedi on Sunday in her uniform, were married after knowing each other for a nanosecond, before she realized she could get Bradley Cooper-quality ass? Then she filed for an annulment due to fraud? Some of us believed Chesney realized he was just not into box, but it turns out his is, he just prefers his to Renee’s.

“I panicked,” Chensey told Oprah on Friday. He starts babbling about life is like a box, but instead of chocolate he put all the things that have to do with is career in it like learning to play guitar, friends, career, success, writing songs and it grew into a house, you see. “You protect everything,” he explained, “all the relationships that help you build that house…that’s what happened, I protected that box. I didn’t know if I could do both.” So he couldn’t handle something that wasn’t about him and his career?

He says “Renee “was a sweet soul” but “the idea of marriage made me loose my identity.”  He adds “I just don’t know that I found anybody bigger than that.” If the idea of marriage made you loose your identity than you probably shouldn’t have gotten married. And by bigger than that it sounds like he really means someone less famous than him. He basically sounds like an egotistical commitment-phobe and we are happy Renee got of that ride so she was free for an upgrade.