Kenny Chesney’s Not A Flaming Homo After All

It turns out he’s into slightly older flight attendants who love serenading passengers with her own country music.

Last year, much of the media speculated that Chesney might have been “that way” (not that there’s anything wrong with it) because Renee Zellweger had cited fraud in her annulment papers.

Chesney, you may recall, stayed mum on the subject, released an album and sold millions of copies.

Well, now, the jig is up for Kenny, thanks to Paula Jackson. The Southwest Airlines flight attendant, age 47, announced to a plane load of people last week that she had been Chesney’s lover for 10 years before he met and married Zellweger.

“I taught him everything he knows,” the charming Jackson told her passengers, one of whom was yours truly. “Renee should have called me, I would have told her, there’s no way he should be married.”

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