Kenny Chesney’s Not A Flaming Homo After All

January 27th, 2006 // 14 Comments

It turns out he’s into slightly older flight attendants who love serenading passengers with her own country music.

Last year, much of the media speculated that Chesney might have been “that way” (not that there’s anything wrong with it) because Renee Zellweger had cited fraud in her annulment papers.

Chesney, you may recall, stayed mum on the subject, released an album and sold millions of copies.

Well, now, the jig is up for Kenny, thanks to Paula Jackson. The Southwest Airlines flight attendant, age 47, announced to a plane load of people last week that she had been Chesney’s lover for 10 years before he met and married Zellweger.

“I taught him everything he knows,” the charming Jackson told her passengers, one of whom was yours truly. “Renee should have called me, I would have told her, there’s no way he should be married.”

Kenny Chesney Isn’t Gay [FOXNews]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. KLA

    If you have been on a Southwest flight you would know that the attendants are fun, cheeky, kitschy, the whole bit! I am sure it was a joke!

    KLA-having worked and flown there for many a year!

  2. Umm..

    He is currently dating a Playboy model – Pilar Lastra

  3. Fraudback Mountain

    Singin’ my way back to San Francisco where I belong for my lonely cheatin’ heart yearns for your…ass”

  4. You know, when you don’t see his face and he’s wearing flattering (read: distracting) clothing, he could pass for sort of hot. Oh god did I just say that

  5. ilostmyshoe

    Kenny probably isn’t gay, but Renee probably is.
    (well..I should say I wouldn’t be suprized if that was the case)

  6. petersburgva

    she’s lying.i have followed his career somewhat and it was less then 10 years ago that he was engaged to be married and it mysteriously fell apart.they had a relationship for 10 years and no one knew including the woman he almost married ?the rumors about Kenny have been swirling for awhile and long before he ever married Renee. i do not think these rumors pop out of nowhere.

  7. Alexi

    Oh boo. I still think he’s gay.

    so very very gay…

  8. acd

    he is totally gay

  9. knowsthetruth

    He was dating a Mi girl named Nikki before he married Renee.
    Nikki loved him. I’m not sure what happened there.
    Nikki eventually went on to date a older Comedian who has family in Mi.

    Renee is very ugly in appearance. Especially if you saw how beautiful in appearance this Nikki girl is.

  10. cruzan

    So how come Paul – I mean Paula (the so called flight attendant’s name) wasn’t fired for the foolish psycho admittal on the airlines?
    Wonder how much Paul – I mean Paula was paid by tabloids to fabricate this story?
    Maybe I should fabricate a story that I was his gay lover and sell it to the tabloids…

    People need to start realising Renee left Kenny because he is gay – like the idea or not! They are still friends because Renee supports gay rights:
    RENEE ZELLWEGER has launched a scathing attack on American President GEORGE W BUSH’s plans to outlaw gay marriage, describing the leader’s stance as “outrageous”.

    The actress claims most of her homosexual pals are in more “stable relationships” than her heterosexual friends and believes it would be “outrageous” if same-sex wedding were made illegal in America.
    “It’s hard to find love in this world and people should love each other.

    “Trying to make it illegal for people to love each other is outrageous.

    “I have a lot of gay friends who have been raising children. They have beautiful families that are far more stable than many heterosexual couples I know.

    “It thrills me. If you find someone to love in this life and they love you back, God bless you.”

  11. britny

    omg ur so awesome cait wait to see u in pensacola!!! love britny

  12. Kelly

    I don’t know who you people are or anything but do you really think that a flight attendent would have taught Kenny what he knows?????? If thats all the more common sence you have then you
    dont need to be using the internet at all, or for that matter dont be posting stuff people would be reading!

  13. Sadie

    Kenny Chesney is so not GAY! Relationships dont work out everyday. Renee probably couldnt deal with his fan base. Kenny ROCKS!!

  14. jade

    kenny chesney is NOT gay he is THE most sexiest guy in the world the real reason him and renee got divorced was because she wanted children right away and he wasent ready..just trust he is not gay and u ppl who think he is gay r prolly the gay ones

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