Kenny Chesney Feels That The Show Must Go On

April 27th, 2008 // 13 Comments

Ouch? Gay country artist (don’t front) Kenny Chesney is one tough queen. He got his foot caught in an lift mechanism right before his concert the other night, and still went on. You can’t keep a good bitch down.

Chesney was performing in Columbia, South Carolina. A lift brings him to the stage to begin his show and his foot was trapped between the device and the stage itself at Williams Brice Stadium. Ow? Ever get your hand caught in a revolving door? It took about thirty seconds to free him from the death trap. It must have reminded him of his marriage to Renee Zellweger. How’s he supposed to meet other men in downlow Nashville when she keeps scrunching her face at him and demanding attention?

Big Ken didn’t talk about his injury on stage, but he did wince a lot and limp. Those fans should be touched. A papercut would send me flying back to my limo and on to the afterparty.

Kenny was the final act that night on the Poets & Pirates tour, featuring LeAnn RImes and Brooks & Dunn.

By J. Harvey

  1. Bird

    That’s impressive, and a sign of a really good star.

  2. pinkydinkydoo

    He is so NOT gay! People say that only because his marriage was anulled on a “fraud” basis. That is a very commom term in an anullement. Who really knows why he and Renee did not stay together.

  3. Shasta

    i agree! He is NOT gay. Not only is he a fantastic performer, but he LOVES women. The entire ‘fraud’ issue is such b.s. he probably didn’t agree to live his life with an ugly woman that has an eating disorder, rosacea, and a drinking problem.

    Poor Kenney, I hope he feels better soon. He loves his fans, of course he would continue with a show even though he was injured.

  4. allen sowersby

    you guys make me sick writing bull shit about kenny chesney trust me he is not gay i work for him and he is great guy to work for and very fair let it lye what you say and do to sell

  5. Kennynotgay?

    Why is it a bad thing to be gay? You say he is a great guy, therefore he cannot be gay. He could be still be a great guy and be gay. Country people need to pull their heads out of the sand. Wake up, and put some sun screen on your neck.

  6. anthony nomad

    that is true, being who you are is fine. if you are Gay its really not a bad thing…. just because you sing country music, have a truck, rodeo, hunt, fish, etc. doesn’t mean you cant be gay. it’s about if you attracted to them or not…. people need to wake up and be real with themselves…

  7. Mike Lebert



    Trust me, Kenny’s gay and everyone on MusicRow in Nashville knows it but doesn’t want to OUT him. He’s a nice guy and deserves all the awards he wins. He also makes a lot of money for a lot of people. He’s this generations, Merv Griffin and Jim Nabors.

  9. Jonesey

    This is so funny. Years ago, I had pegged KC as a friend of Richard. He just seemed to be trying too damned hard to look NOT gay. But, the look was powerful with this one. Then, I hear that he was getting married and I thought, “Boy, I sure missed that one!” Then comes the annulment. If he’s gay, so what? As long as he doesn’t start making out with Randy Travis in the middle of lower Broad, who gives a rat’s ass? A SIGNIFICANT portion of musicians involved in country music are gay as all get out. I know it’s all part of the look, but most men in country music look like they get their hair “done” by Boy George’s stylist. Real men dont have hairdos!

  10. lairah thompson

    hey is not gay so shut up about

  11. Dick Knoxville

    he is so obviously gay. but theres nothing wrong with that. it seems it is mainly girls who are in denial of this fact.

  12. Zer0 Kool

    Gay? GAY?!?!?!?! Lol Kenny Gay? Dude when I listened to country music back in the day he was my hero. SORRY HE IS NOT GAY. You see the women he gets at concerts? I got a friend who is so gay he gaydar goes off just from a picture and he even says Kenny is so not gay dude. Just lay off I know being “gay” or “bi” is the new thing now but my point is don’t out someone like that cause its a fad now. If it was true I’m sure he’d come out with it and sell twice as much. But he hasn’t so lay off seriously.

  13. FrancisMusoi

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