Kenny Chesney Feels That The Show Must Go On

Ouch? Gay country artist (don’t front) Kenny Chesney is one tough queen. He got his foot caught in an lift mechanism right before his concert the other night, and still went on. You can’t keep a good bitch down.

Chesney was performing in Columbia, South Carolina. A lift brings him to the stage to begin his show and his foot was trapped between the device and the stage itself at Williams Brice Stadium. Ow? Ever get your hand caught in a revolving door? It took about thirty seconds to free him from the death trap. It must have reminded him of his marriage to Renee Zellweger. How’s he supposed to meet other men in downlow Nashville when she keeps scrunching her face at him and demanding attention?

Big Ken didn’t talk about his injury on stage, but he did wince a lot and limp. Those fans should be touched. A papercut would send me flying back to my limo and on to the afterparty.

Kenny was the final act that night on the Poets & Pirates tour, featuring LeAnn RImes and Brooks & Dunn.